Sorry, we do not have any wildies available at this time.

What is a wildie?

Some of the horses we offer for sale are gentled "wildies", these are feral horses that were rounded up for various reasons from around British Columbia.  Commonly referred to in the USA as Mustangs, the wildies of British Columbia are extremely interesting animals that have learned to survive on their own.  Resilient as they come, brave and loyal, these horses make excellent riding horses, as well as best friends!  Most of these horses would be shipped straight to slaughter, if not for the many people that know their true worth and take the time to uncover it.  

Don't they stay somewhat wild forever?

No. In our experience, once wildies are gentled, they are absolutely no different than any other domestic horse. While some are bound to be more sensitive and timid and others are completely in your pocket and love attention, they are as predictable as any domestic horse you may meet can be.

Aren't they dangerous?

No. We have yet to meet a dangerous wildie, despite there being numerous opportunities, I have never been kicked or bitten, even while gentling and pushing the wildies slightly out of their comfort zone with contact.

In-Utero Options for 2021

Option 1 - Out of Royal Cornelia WM [Beaulieu's Conquest x Beaulieu's Quissini x Phantast], by Quidam's Pleasure [For Pleasure x Quidam de Revel]

Option 2 - Out of Cristalline [Beaulieu's Conquest x Phantast], by Diamo Blue [Diarado (Diamant de Semilly) x Chacco Blue]

More info to be posted soon on In-Utero options, but please feel free to contact us in the mean time!


SOLD to Bethany of South Carolina, USA

2019 Grey Filly

Registered Belgian Warmblood

[Bealieu's Conquest/Conquest van de Helle x Acord II x Galvano]

"Camilla" is by Beaulieu's Conquest [Corrado I x Calando I], out of our proven broodmare Alexis H [Acord II x Galvano].

Quantum Leap.png

SOLD to Blue Moon Stables

2017 Chestnut Gelding

Registered Selle Luxembourgeois

Will mature 17hh+

Fancy, friendly, trainable!

Quantum is by Beaulieu's Quissini (Quidam de Revel x Cassini I), out of our broodmare Alexis H (Acord II x Galvano) and is sure to be a top hunter.

Sam Browne.png

SOLD to Campbell of Kelowna, BC

2016 Bay "Wildie" Gelding

Warmblood Type


SOLD to Melody of Merritt, BC

2020 Chestnut Tobiano "Wildie" Filly

Ricki trot wildie foal for sale

SOLD to Vanessa of Grand Prairie, AB

2018 Red Roan "Wildie" Filly


SOLD to Christina of Langley, BC

2017 Liver Chestnut "Wildie" Mare


SOLD to Christina of Langley, BC

2018 Bay "Wildie" Filly


SOLD to Vanessa of Abbotsford, BC

(Consignment Sale)

2010 Buckskin Roan Tobiano Gelding