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Stallion Services

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Phantom Training

Whether your stallion has live covered mares or is completely new to breeding, we are able to train him to collect on the phantom.

This is useful for being able to breed mares that will not accept live cover, reducing risk of injury and disease to mares and stallions, shipping semen and preserving your stallion's genetics by cryopreservation.

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Collection & Shipping

We provide collection services for on farm artificial insemination or shipping to anywhere in North America.  Open up your stallion's breeding book to a broad range of mares!

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Cryopreservation & Storage

Are you worried about preserving the genetics you have worked so hard to create?  Want your stallion to train or show, but that conflicts with breeding season?

Cryopreservation (aka freezing) of your stallion's semen is a fantastic option for many breeding programs.

We also offer storage of frozen semen for local breeders.


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