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Bridgette aboard Whinny

The Winsome Meadows Family

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Derek, Bridgette's partner, found his love for equines later on in life, however has found a passion for providing the best care for the horses. 



Sheila, Bridgette's mother, was the driving force behind Bridgette's love for horses.  Sheila still rides and is an integral part of the farm operations.


Al, Bridgette's father, is the support that every little girl dreaming of a pony ever wanted and more.  Al still provides sound advice to this day when the rest of the family is too enthralled in their equine passion.

I have been riding for as long as I can remember.  Being gifted riding lessons for my 6th birthday, my passion for horses has only continued to increase over the years. 


I successfully competed in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation as a junior rider, taking a brief break from competition as an adult to pursue a career to pay for my dream farm.  I greatly enjoy starting and developing horses for the show ring, with building and maintaining their trust always of utmost importance and top of mind for me.  Mentoring students in all areas of riding and stable management is another great passion of mine, seeing students succeed is even more meaningful than succeeding in the show ring myself!


I dreamed of living a life of riding, coaching and training, so I jumped at the opportunity to relocate to Merritt, BC.  In 2016, I opened Winsome Meadows as a boutique sport horse breeding facility and bred my first mare, Quartzee (Quartz Rouge – Quissini x Phantast) to Beaulieu’s Conquest, producing our first foal, Cornelia, in May 2017.  After building Winsome Meadows for three years, I am thrilled to now offer coaching (riding lessons), horse training and horse boarding in addition to breeding our mares to produce top-quality show horses for sale.


Throughout the years I have acquired and retained some fancy, schoolmaster horses so I didn’t have to look far to put together a nice string of lesson horses suitable for all levels {literally out my back door!}.  I am excited to be able to offer my students safe, but fun and capable lesson horses to ride.  These are not your typical, poor quality horses that most lesson strings are forced to use.  Instead, our students will find themselves working with ex-show horses, most being Warmbloods, that even I still enjoy riding! 


Always a student in the equine world, I am looking to continue my education to benefit my students and the horses in my care.  From currently working toward achieving my Equine Canada Coaching Certification to ensuring I am as knowledgeable as possible about horse care, nutrition, and veterinary care, I strive to never take a day away from learning.  Any equestrian should always strive to continue learning!  I am happy to offer the same great care I provide each and every day {Christmas included!} to my own horses to your horse, now, too. 


I greatly appreciate the drive in others seeking to increase their knowledge and I enjoy mentoring students of all ages to achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small they may be!

I hope to see you soon around the farm!

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Hailee, Bridgette's step-daugher, has an obsession that rival's Bridgette's when it comes to horses, her favourite being Quartzee, whom she speaks of endlessly.





Bryce, Bridgette's step-son, also has an obsession for horses and dreams of being a grand prix show jumper.




Ashton, Bridgette's step-son, loves farm life and dreams of driving the tractor on the farm when he's a bit older.