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Cornelia WM and Wilhelmina WM
Kanuni, Julliette WM and Rotterdam KF
Rotterdam KF
Fetiche and Whimsical Pleasure WM
Valiant Pleasure WM
Cornelia WM and Valiant Pleasure WM
Whimsical Pleasure WM
Kanuni and Julliette WM
Fetiche and Victor WM
Cornelia WM and Wilhelmina WM
Cornelia WM and Valiant Pleasure WM
Alexis H and Vacord's Pleasure WM
Quartz Rouge
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Elite Hunters and Jumpers

Our Story

Established in 2016, we are a family run boutique breeding farm in the Nicola Valley of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  


Our goal is to produce only top quality foals that have a place in the world from the time they are an embryo through to retirement.  We care deeply about the homes we place our horses in and will accept any of our horses back to Winsome Meadows for any reason, at any time.  We have several older broodmares, as well as Bridgette's retired show horses that happily reside here alongside the new comers each year.  

To ensure we counterbalance our reproduction endeavors and give back to the equine world, we also enjoy rescuing local feral horses.  These horses are affectionately referred to locally as "Wildies" and we enjoy gentling them, foaling out if they are pregnant, and giving them the training needed to place them in great homes.  Many of the Wildies we bring in are beautiful hunter or jumper types and fit well into our program.


We firmly believe in our values, mainly that horses are in a position of dependence on us, and so in everything we do, their needs, health and well-being must come first and be at the forefront of our minds at all times. 


We hope to be able to help you find your future horse, whether it be from us or one of our partners.  


We welcome you to the Winsome Meadows family!


Contact Us

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We welcome you to visit us, but please contact us to book an appointment!

2288 Willgoose Road

Merritt, BC, V1K1N7 Canada

For questions, or to book an appointment, please e-mail, text or call us:


Tel: 604-902-0714

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting, we will get back to you as soon as possible!!

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