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Past Foals

Royal Cornelia WM

Registered Name: Royal Cornelia WM
Barn Name: Cornelia
Sire: Beaulieu's Conquest (Corrado I x Calando I)
Dam: Quartz Rouge (Beaulieu's Quissini x Phantast)
Sex: Filly
Born: May 8, 2017
Colour: Bay
Height: Expected to mature 16.3 - 17.1 hh

Cornelia is Winsome Meadow's first home bred foal and a very special girl.  She is very mature for her age and has great ground manners.  

Cornelia is being retained and is not available for sale.

Quantum Leap

Registered Name: Quantum Leap
Barn Name: Quantum
Sire: Beaulieu's Quissini (Qudiam de Revel x Cassini I)
Dam: Alexis H (Acord II x Galvano)
Sex: Colt
Born: June 6, 2017
Colour: Chestnut
Height: Expected to mature 17.0 hh

Quantum is the coolest colt to have around.  Growing up, he was never colt-like, and always a pleasure to have around.  His amazing, kind personality has continued as he has matured into a young horse and should be one of the easiest horses to start!  Quantum has a hack-winning trot, lovely canter and spectacularly scopey and correct jump.

Quantum was sold in 2020 to Linda de Boer of Blue Moon Stables to develop into a top hunter.

Titanium Princess WM

Registered Name: Titanium Princess WM
Barn Name: Camilla
Sire: Beaulieu's Conquest (Corrado I x Calando I)
Dam: Alexis H (Acord II x Galvano)
Sex: Filly
Born: July 5, 2019
Colour: Grey (born bay)
Height: Expected to mature 16.2 - 17.0 hh

Camilla is sold to Bethany Bennett of South Carolina, USA

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